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Jual Spare Parts LG SIGMA ROTARY ENCODER PKT1040-1024-C15C

Description :

Model shaft diameter shaft and outlet voltage pulse output mode
Type example: 1024P / r, DC15V, centralized open-drain output, socket side of the hollow shaft diameter: ¢ 40 12월 음악.
Denoted PKT1040-1024-C15C.
Product parameters
Operating temperature -10 ~ +70 �� Protection Ip54
Storage Temperature -20 ~ +80 �� Output shaft diameter 40
Shock resistant 100G, 11ms weight about 2KG
Vibration resistance 100G ,5-55HZ Maximum load Radial Shaft: 20kg, axial: 10kg
Maximum mechanical revolution 2500r/min allow acceleration 1 �� 104rad/s2
Starting torque 1.5KG-cmMAX moment of inertia 6 �� 10-4N �� m �� S2
Supply voltage DC15V corresponding frequency 100KHZ
Current consumption 100mA Rise and fall time �� 1US
[Wiring table] Signal +15 V 0V A A / OV B B / OV
Wire Color Red Black Yellow White Brown Orange
Pin number 123242


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